Friday, October 19, 2012

Back and Better [and not even more Bitter] Than Ever

Yes... I am back to blogging about my internet dating travails and of course more importantly about all my clueless, socially awkward, sociopathic, creepy and just truly disturbing fellow online daters out there .

Since my last post (over a year and a half ago) I graduated from law school, left Michigan, got a job as a lawyer, moved to DC, and entered full steam ahead into the comic tragedy that is the DC dating world (both online and in real life). I initially decided that I wouldn't resume the blog (despite many requests to the contrary, I swear this blog is probably the greatest success of my life). My reasoning being that the blog, while very enjoyable and a bit cathartic, was a distraction from the real point of online dating which is to, you know, date and maybe find someone you really like and who hopefully likes you back.

Many, many months, a bunch of dates (some from online some not), and a few pseudo-relationships later (with guys whom I did not meet on OkCupid) I've come to the realization that online dating is just inherently absurd and I simply must continue writing about it.  OkCupid is my muse, and I cannot in good conscience keep denying the inspiration my muse provides. I also realized that I can blog about the many weirdos, and still go out on dates in good faith (annoying lawyer term) with guys that seem cool. I'm not sure yet if I'll blog about any of my dates, just the bad ones or all of them. I guess I'll figure that part out as I go.

Now, Ann Arbor was truly a great source of material (between the uber-pretentious PhD students, asshole business school students, socially awkward google employees, and the randoms from the surrounding area) so I questioned whether DC could possibly live up to it. As will you come to learn DC has not only met  every expectation but exceeded them. and how.  Just to whet your appetite, I will say that I feel extremely confident in asserting that there is no other city in the world which contains as many profiles per capita in which the answer to the "What are you doing with your life?" question, contains some variation of, "saving the world." I'd estimate that about a third of the male online dating population in DC is saving the world (although some are only doing it it ironically). It's actually pretty remarkable, and I hope makes you feel a lot better about the future of our world to know there are so many men in their late 20s and early 30s that are out there saving it, and still even have time to date online in their off-time.

So get ready, and enjoy!


  1. So, so happy to see you back here, Sarah. Ann Arbor is hurting from your absence.